Heating Oil, Propane, Boiler/Furnace, Air Conditioning, Generators & Plumbing Services in East Providence, RI.

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22 Almeida Ave,
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Rhode Island’s full-service heating oil, propane and home services company.
Wood’s Heating Service has been delivering home heating oil and servicing oil heat equipment to local Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts customers since 1923. We also provide propane services, leading brand equipment installation and repair, air conditioning services, service plans, generator and plumbing services. As a Wood’s Heating Service customer, you are assured of full value for all your heating and home services. We treat you and your family like members of our own. That’s why you will always find a sympathetic ear, kind heart, warm smile and a technically proficient and honest person when you meet any member of the Wood’s Heating Service team. When we say we’re a total home comfort company, we mean it. For more than 80 years, we have been committed to helping customers live in the most comfortable homes, with a range of heating and home services that provide total peace of mind.

Our oil spill cleanup and tank replacement services include:

Other products and services

Home heating oil services (installation/repair, automatic delivery), propane services (installation/repair, automatic delivery), central and ductless air conditioning services (installation/repair), generator services, plumbing services.

Heating oil systems, boilers/furnaces, central and ductless air conditioning systems, water heaters; various brands including Bryant and Burnham, backup generators.

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